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  • Date with older guy: 85%
  • Beauty: 9.3
  • Family Oriented: 9.2
  • Ease of Seduction: 9.1

The most appealing traits of Asian mail order brides

Have you been thinking about finding a foreign bride? If you are not lucky with local girls despite you’re trying hard and it seems like there’s nothing wrong with you yet still, you are left alone (again), it is time to think – maybe, there is something wrong with girls you’re dating with? Surely, you can go in circles and destroy your soul in long self-flagellation (and your body with booze). But it would be much more approachable, practical, and healthier in all senses to look for a wife abroad. 

Statistically, inter-country marriages are twice as firm as ones concluded within the country (80% of international marriages last over 2 years while only 40% of internal ones last that long). There are multiple reasons for that (and it would also be of certain interest to investigate the reasons but let’s do it some other time). Now, let’s talk about those girls popular amongst the Western men the most: Asian brides.

Why Asian brides, in the first place?

Well, there are a number of reasons:

  1. Asia is the biggest part of the world, covering over 30% of the landmass of the entire world (and takes nearly 9% of the planet’s entire surface, including water). It consists of over 50 countries and it is so diverse in traditions, the appearance of people, cuisine, climate, temperatures, and a zillion of other things that it is nearly impractical to generalize anything. Yet, it delivers you the choice from among billions of people – and from such vastness, you definitely will be able to pick a lady to your liking.
  2. With different levels of education and wealth of population, it is possible to find pretty Asian girls to any tastes, demands, wishes, and perks. When you do your searches online, you largely economize your time in those searches and can maximally implement your demands to ladies. Certainly, beautiful Asian girls are different inside of each country (there are no two same people on Earth) but you can pay your attention to this or that country depending on your demands to the future fiancée. And we are going to look at some Asian countries below. 

Considering peculiarities of brides by country

  1. If you are seeking a well-educated bride, who can be a reliable and highly effective business partner for you, then pay your attention to Brunei, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Taiwan, UAE, or Qatar. 
  2. If you want a humble and submissive bride, not too educated or smart, and who will be completely relying on you, pay attention to Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Laos, Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Nepal, Turkey, Thailand, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Vietnam, or Yemen.
  3. If you want a lady with high self-esteem but not as high as in Western girls, literal yet ‘optimally’ smart (not smarter than you), and who will be much less a housemaid than the previous category and much more a lover and owner of a nice picture, whom you can admire, then pay attention to Russia, Sri Lanka, Armenia, Azerbaijan, China, Cyprus, Georgia, The Philippines, or Maldives. 

Surely, this is just a general description in order to start with something but you can make search wherever you consider good for you. Just for you to know – the biggest part of all international marriages in the US and Canada is made with girls from the Philippines (40%). Then goes Russia (10%). The rest of the countries (over 200) of the world take 50% of all inter-country marriages here. So it seems like men of the West, after all, choose beauty, moderate smartness, and moderate support in house chores in ladies.

Interesting facts about Asian mail order brides

Features of Asian women

Interesting Asian traditions

Interesting facts about countries of their birth

  1. Asia is incredibly biodiverse. The times have passed when Africa was holding first place. More than 60% of all animals and plants live in Asia. Although, with global warming, the die-out rate is also the highest on the planet, which is a sad part.
  2. Asian K-pop is so popular that it has gained large popularity outside of the region. Many K-pop groups tour English-speaking countries. And you definitely know Psy. 
  3. There are over 2,300 languages in the entire continent. Around 100 languages have lesser than 10,000 carriers left alive, which means that soon, those languages are going to fade away from the surface of our planet as last carriers die out.
  4. The region is home to many world’s tallest mountains, with the biggest part of them located in Tibet, including Everest. 
  5. The lowest place on Earth (the Dead Sea) is also in Asia.
  6. There are 11 time zones in Asia, with Russia fully covering all of them (but officially utilizing only 9 somehow).
  7. Today, there are 8% of all Asian men are believed to be direct descendants of Genghis Khan, which with his sons used to conquer the third part of all lands of Earth at his time; and some khanates have been ruling through 5 centuries after his death. That makes a whopping 5% of men’s population of Earth!
  8. Asia is home to the world’s largest plateaus, deserts, and plains. 
  9. Here, you can also meet one of the world’s largest malls with total space 7,100,000 square feet!
  10. It is home to more than a dozen constantly inhabited oldest cities in the world. For instance, Jericho was inhabited since 9,000 BC. 
  11. The biggest city in terms of land span in also in Asia – its size is 101,913 square miles (its name is Hulunbuir, in China). 

How Asian wives differ from Western wives?

There are many differences, tiny and large. Let’s highlight the major ones:

  1. Food. The tastes in the food of your Asian lady will not coincide with yours. Eventually, you will have a deal about the home cuisine and you can make it richer than you have had before meeting an Asian girl online. 
  2. Home coziness. Asians aren’t got used to many things inside of a house or apartment. They mostly stick to minimalism. So running a house in your head will not coincide with the one in theirs. You can save a ton of money not buying things that do not have a practical use – if you want that. Also, some things will disappear from your house with time, as she will consider them unnecessary.
  3. Their bodies are likely to stay petite throughout the whole life. But not Asian mail order brides from all countries are like that – we’re talking about those who are ‘classical’ Asians, excluding from here Russians, Arabs, and Polynesians who gain significant weight with years. Mainly, if an Asian has white or dark skin instead of yellow, it mostly means that she will gain weight after marriage, not preserve it, as only yellow-skinned Asians think about controlling their weight as the national idea.

Top rated Asian dating sites


Why we have chosen these websites? There are several reasons for that:

  1. They are reliable. You will hardly meet scam or gold diggers there. The administration of each site scans the profiles on a periodic basis to block such. If there are doubts about some profile – they ask to provide scans of documents to verify the identity and do a more thorough check. Without giving those docs, a profile can be blocked or put on pending. Even though criminal screenings are not made in most cases, they can be done based on a man’s request for a particular girl. Everything on those sites is tuned at users’ satisfaction with the result of their communication and to maintain the high user ratings (which are from 8.2 to 9.1 out of 10 stars based on user estimations). 
  2. It takes you literally no time to register and perform a search. You can do it within 2-4 minutes. The only thing is that before starting chatting to ladies you will have found, it is necessary to fulfill your profile fully – to increase your chances to be answered (as nobody wants to deal with empty profiles, nor do you).
  3. The vastness of girls online. It practically doesn’t matter what time you visit any of those sites – you will find over 1,000 girls online. The number may change in the range between 1,000 and 4,000 depending on the time and holidays but as those Asian wives are located in many Asian countries with their own time zone, they are more or less evenly distributed through the 24-hour period. Why is this important? Because someone you liked may not go online for days or weeks, while online girls will answer you promptly and may actually become your destiny. 
  4. High reply rate. It is important because lettering and chatting may cost money on some of those sites and you don’t want to spend your money in vain. Writing anything to anyone, you have to be sure that your letter is opened and read, as well as replied. If that does not happen much on other sites (besides those we are mentioning) – probably, you’ve picked the wrong site and you have to try these.

Surely, your representation matters so think about posting really good pictures of you in your profile. You don’t have to use Photoshop to improve your looks (well, maybe just a tiny bit). So if you don’t have professional pictures of you – it is time to think about a pro photographer who will make a nice picture set.

What are the functions of Asian marriage agencies?

Each good marriage agency offers, in addition to the catalog of Asian girls for marriage, extra services, such as:

More interesting information about single Asian girls

Those who were born in rich Asian countries mainly don’t think about leaving them. It will be a large cultural shock for a girl when she moves abroad. It will also be the one for a girl from a poorer country but with a significant difference – that such a girl would like to leave. For a citizen of any poor Asian country, living in America or the EU is a blue wet dream. 

How to get an Asian wife

  1. How to find an Asian bride? First of all, register on one of the proposed Asian dating sites. 
  2. Fulfill your profile and start searching. 
  3. Talk to ladies who write you first and to those you find likable in the search results. Remember to refresh your search results from time to time to see maybe a girl of your dreams has appeared.
  4. Narrow down the chats until you find several women or one who you think can be the one.
  5. Go visit her to see her in person. You have got to have that ‘chemistry’ if you’re interested in a long life with her. 
  6. If you dislike the end result – repeat the procedure until you’re satisfied. Use the services of personal matchmaking for a better result. 

How much does an Asian mail order bride cost?

Every dating site has own policy of pricing. As a rule, payments are to be done for a monthly subscription and/or for actions. The list of actions will differ but can include: 

Facts about Asian women’s online dating cost

The cost of finding an Asian bride consists of the monthly subscription and the cost of auxiliary actions you undertake. All in all, from your registration on the site to a successful marriage you might pay about 3,000-30,000 American dollars. In most cases, it tends to be around 5,000 – 10,000. When you’re lucky, this may cost you a couple of hundred bucks – if you ‘click’ with some woman from the first sight. 

This is a comparable cost of offline dating but in many cases, it will deliver you more options of choice than you will ever have online. 

Myths about Asian women’s online dating cost

  1. All sites are scams. No. Simply don’t use those out of our list and you will be safe.
  2. All ladies on the dating sites are scams. If you are scammed or attempted, report about this immediately to the site’s administration and a girl’s profile will be immediately blocked. Usually, administrations of international dating sites scan profiles on a constant basis to prevent even the slight possibility of scams. 
  3. All she needs is my money or a Green Card. Such a chance exists and nobody can prevent that from happening. Just pay your attention and be wise in the selection of a girl. Make sure she likes you before moving forward. 

Peculiarities of Asian women

Why Asian dating online is better than offline

That is an obvious answer – because online, you have a million times vaster choice than offline. Also, those people registered on a dating site already expressed their interest in dating specifically and in creating a family, not in something else. This gives you a head start – you don’t filter out those ladies who are not aimed at seriousness (which is pretty much impossible to do offline). 

How to find a mail order bride from Asia

The registration must be your first step. Fill in your online profile to the fullest. Speak with everyone who writes to you and write yourself – to those who are to your liking. Be open to new possibilities; don’t reject girls just like that. Give everyone a chance. Who knows how positively your life will change because of your openness? 

Are Asian mail order brides real?

Why wouldn’t they? Surely, some profiles can be fake but they are cleansed off eventually by sites’ administrations. Also, some percentage of people create profiles just because of interest and abandon them pretty soon – but you may not pay attention to inactive profiles (look at the time of the last visit). Focus on those who are active and write to you. Be wise the same as you would be in real life and things will work out great.

Why Asian women become mail order bride

Mainly because of economic and socio-political reasons. In some countries, there are wars. In some, there are genocides or dictatorships. Some are too poor to support living. Some are too pressing mentally and socially to live there. No matter what is the reason, it is almost always a desire to escape or improve.

Concluding about hot Asian women

Now as you know a bit more about Asian women, you can pick the lady from the right country. Start with a few countries to your liking and move forward if you haven’t found anyone. Filter out fewer ladies based on search criteria. And with such a wife, your children must be adorable, causing the admiration of everyone around!

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