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Marrying Ukrainian brides

Marriage is a serious step in the life of anyone. But what if you don’t have a nice bride to marry in your circle? Or you can’t find one even though you try hard? This is not a reason to think that something’s wrong with you, it just happens – you want it but the female does not. It’s okay to broaden your searches in this situation and to include in them women of other countries. For instance, Ukrainians. Why a Ukrainian girl can be appealing for you, for your outlook at life and for your striving to get married? We are considering in this article. 

Hot facts about Ukrainian women

Let’s start getting acquainted with Ukrainian culture by giving you some nice and true facts about hot Ukrainian women.

Fact 1: They do not live in a country of war and corruption

If not Russian military aggression against its territorial neighbors, there would be no 15-20 wars on its edges during the last 30 years, including the Ukrainian situation. While some country’s territory is occupied by Russia so far, it does not mean that everyone is a soldier in Ukraine. More than 35 million people today live in peace on those territories freed from this temporary aggression. As for the corruption: it gets lower from year to year, especially with their new president, which makes all governmental processes more transparent and controlled. Eventually, people in Ukraine hope it’s going be to next Singapore soon. So you should not think that your Ukrainian bride flees from a corrupted country or war for whatever cost – she is just trying to find her husband, a loving and caring person. But before this happens and she’s fully satisfied with the result, she can normally live in her country.

Fact 2: They are beautiful and groomed

If you go to Ukraine and look at ladies walking the streets, you are going to be impressed with their beauty and classiness of their looks. A lot of ladies highly take care of themselves every day. Every Ukrainian mail order bride considers it’s important to look nice and she concentrates well on her image and appearance. Single Ukrainian women do work on their brains, too, as there are more women in universities today than men. So, they are groomed, beautiful, and educated – isn’t it an ideal combination? 

A girl from Ukraine tries to wear nice apparel for all occasions, even for work and going out to a cafe with her friends. She can’t be untidy when there will be at least 1 person who will see her. Being pleasing to an eye is something that is in her genes, which makes her totally different from untidy women of the West, who are so eaten by feminism that they do not wish to take care of their appearance at all. A greasy, untidy sloven in an oversized hoodie is a normal picture of a female in the West, while such a person simply would not survive in an environment of Ukraine. 

Fact 3: They support classical families

The patriarchal way of constructing a family is really a thing in Ukraine. This is profitable for you, as you are going to be the head of your family, where a woman will listen to you and will not make her opinion over yours. She is a nice advisor, though, to whom it is important to listen, as she has natural wisdom in the matter of running a family and finances. So your looks combined will bring your family to much bigger thriving as it would be with a woman from the West, who would only think about getting on top of you in everything, creating a matriarchal family.

Fact 4: It is not enough to speak Russian in order to learn the Ukrainian language

Russian is a dialect in the family of Slavic languages and it has derived the latest from the branch. All Slavic languages are interconnected more with one another than they are with Russian. So when you speak Polish, for instance, you will be having more common words with the Ukrainian language than you would if you spoke Russian. If you want to live with your Ukrainian wife in harmony, then never start learning Russian to talk to your wife in everyday life – start learning Ukrainian at once. She’ll appreciate it a lot more. 

Fact 5: They all are extreme nationalists

That is true. As a resident of the USA in the 5th generation is a patriot of his or her country, Ukrainians are the same patriotic about Ukraine. And they are nationalistic – just to protect Ukraine from Russians. But they are open to embracing new things in order to enrich selves and their lives. So, when a Ukrainian lady moves to your country of the West, she’ll get used to your style and way of living much faster than anyone from Asians or Russians would.

Interesting myths about Ukrainian ladies

Now as we know some core facts, let’s speak about myths a little. Also, we’d love to bust them (to make sure those myths do not live in your head anymore).

Myth 1: Ukraine has a little common with the West

That is so not true. Many more young Ukrainian people speak English as their second language than residents of most countries of ex-USSR. They love McDonald’s more than people in the US. They are so in love with TV shows (which they call ‘serials’) and highly cherish all branded things – from watches to cars, which are the indices of their luxuriousness and happiness of life, just like Americans and Europeans. When they move to the US, the UK, the EU, Australia or New Zealand, they get used to its life in a matter of weeks. 

Myth 2: They eat and drink a lot

While it is possible to see fat people on the streets, their percentage is significantly lower than in just mentioned countries. Generally, they eat much healthy homemade food; drink on Fridays with their colleagues or friends the same as many nations drink. Ukrainian mail order brides do love to eat and drink much but they do it only on exceptional occasions like birthday or New Year when they gather with a large group of people at someone’s house. As such holidays are pretty seldom, most Ukrainian wives are skinny and fit (as exercises in a gym are popular in the nation as well).

Myth 3: Women are easy and humble

You have to apply efforts to win the heart of Ukrainian singles. They do wanna marry a foreigner but that’s not the goal-above-all. They seek for someone to ‘click’ with, a loving, caring, and interesting husband. A partner, a supporter, a person who’d understand them. They will not throw themselves just at any man only because he is a Westerner. No, that doesn’t work like that with pretty Ukrainian girls – they are not desperate about marrying and they do not live in a ruined country to escape from no matter what like women in Iraq, Syria or akin. 

Why single Ukrainian women are appealing for foreigners?

There are several reasons for that:

  1. They support western values. 
  2. They are of the same faith with you (most Ukrainian mail order brides are Catholics) and if not – they are easy to convert into your faith, that’s not a problem for them.
  3. They are able to integrate into your society within weeks.
  4. Striving to learn English. When you are taking your Ukrainian mail-order bride to extensive English courses, she’ll work harder than everyone in the group to learn it, as this is an important step for socialization.
  5. They cook fantastically. Many Ukrainian dishes you try taste best in your life. After a week, it’s impossible to withdraw yourself from real Ukrainian cuisine – it’s the same as with Italian food, which is the only food in the world that tastes better than Ukrainian. 

What it takes you to meet and marry a Ukrainian woman online?

In the era of digitalization, you only need the Internet and a connected device in order to start seeking a Ukrainian mail-order bride. That delivers you vast opportunities, as there are thousands of ladies registered online. Below, we are going to talk about the best dating sites to find a Ukrainian bride and talk about her advantages. You do understand that an online search is a thousand times more fruitful than offline, right? Online, you’d spend years to filter through hundreds of ladies, not speaking about thousands. Online, you can easily register on a Ukrainian dating site, set up search filters and roam through the found profiles in a matter of minutes! Pre-filtering allows you to find only those women to your liking, who will correspond to all your desires in the physical appearance and their goals.

It’s not a secret that it is impossible to tell the goals of a person when you meet him or her. But when you are on a dating site, you have no doubts that people here are for the same reason you are – to find a partner. That substantially saves your time and efforts, as you are going to search only amongst those Ukrainian mail order brides, who are here for the sake of finding a husband, as you’re here to find a wife. 

Your advantages of dating a bride from Ukraine

Let’s consider what will you, as a Western man, gain by having a Ukrainian mail-order bride, compared to wives from your country.

Advantage 1. You are the boss

You are perfectly aware that women of the West during the latest years are so turned on feminism and equal rights that they put those evanescent things above everything. They also struggle with men to become on top of them in every possible situation, every day. They forgot how to live and how to receive full pleasure from life. They forgot that they have to run the house, raise children, be smart, and be a sexy lover for their husbands. They forgot how to cook and they only want more and more from their men. They are not anymore satisfied with an equal man, they need someone much wealthier and morally stable than them. They discard men of their class.

That’s not how things will be with Ukrainian mail order brides. They are raised in a society, where a man is the head of a family and brings money. They are brought up in a way to have vast practical skills in running a house, cooking, taking care of laundry, dishwashing, gardening, and a zillion other smaller things that are needed in life every day. So when you return home from your work, you are entering a clean house with a hot homemade dinner, offered a nice cozy ambiance in your house, with children doing their homework, and your wife will deliver you pleasure in the bed when you are coming to the bed. You only need to do what you did before – work and earn money to support your house and family, as beautiful Ukrainian girls are not demanding. 

Advantage 2: She knows how to cater to your taste in alcohol

Are you interested in trying cocktails? She can do it at home! Mixing cocktails is not something that is inherent to Ukrainian girls for marriage but they do know how to deal with alcohol – as they do drink vodka, wine, and beer. Homemade cocktails are often the guests of their kitchen but with a relatively cheaper alcohol in the West than in Ukraine (compared to the monthly income), she will be super glad to experiment. Even without any bartender education, it’s easy for a Ukrainian woman to make 5-10 types of vodka-based cocktails just using her imagination. Ones with wine and beer are also possible. 

Ukrainian dating websites

Now we know what advantages and peculiarities Ukrainian mail order brides have. But what about effective places online to meet them? Below, we are considering the top-5 dating sites that we have stumbled upon during our online investigation of an issue. 

The list of legitimate mail order bride sites

We’re happy to share them with you:

Every mentioned website above has own advantages but they all can be grouped, eventually into those:

As for the rest of the benefits that these sites deliver you, we can mention high user ratings, a large number of registered users, very family-creation-oriented ladies, high beauty of girls, relative ease of their seduction, and relatively high English speaking level in girls. After you register, you can find more advantages.

Let’s now briefly run through the stages of work on the indicated sites.

  1. Registration. It only takes 1-2 minutes.
  2. Fulfilling your profile. It is of crucial importance if you wanna girls to pay attention to you. Without all fields filled and without several attached nice pictures of you, it will be hard for you to represent yourself. It could take about 30-60 minutes if you have all the info and pics to attach. Otherwise, it’ll take time for you to find nice pictures of you to publish them on the site.
  3. Search using the built-in search engine. Parameters apply.
  4. Have conversations with ladies whom you like and those who responded to you on your letters (or who wrote you first).
  5. Narrow down the circle to those Ukrainian women, who could win your heart completely and go see them in reality to feel the chemistry between you, with every girl.

Comparing: Ukrainian wives vs. other wives

Ukrainian brides are more appealing for you as a Western man because of the number of reasons we’ve described in this article. They are beautiful, educated, wise, cook deliciously, groomed, and watch after their appearance every day. They support the patriarchal view on a family and they are ready to run your house completely. They are good for your bed and heart. What else is left for you to make? Well, open any site we’ve highlighted above and go search for your happiness!

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